Alexander Ivanov 1806 – 1858

The Silver Goblet Is Found In Benjamin's Sack

oil on canvas (50 × 63 cm) — 1831-1833 Museum Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

This work is linked to Genesis 44:12

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Joseph's brothers had travelled to Egypt to buy grain from Joseph. They don't recognize Joseph, nor do they know that he is the man they threw into a well many years ago. Joseph decides to test them in order to find out whether they would still betray a brother.

He has a silver cup put in the bag of Benjamin, the youngest brother. When the brothers have departed Joseph sends his steward after them with the instruction to accuse them of theft. The steward searches the brothers' luggage and finds the goblet.

The brothers deny that they had stolen the cup. The steward wants to take Benjamin with him, but the brothers refuse to let him go alone. When they all return to Joseph, they again to do not betray their brother.

Ivanov made another painting with this story in the same period, 1831-1833. It is largely identical, and is also in the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery.

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