Raphael 1483 – 1520

The Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple

fresco (746 cm breed) — ca. 1512 Museum Stanze e Loggia di Raffaello, Vatican City

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This work is linked to 2 Maccabees 3:25

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Heliodorus (to the right, lying down) is sent by the king to steal the treasure from the Jewish temple. In the background the high-priest Onias is praying for the prevention of this disaster. All of a sudden a terrifying knight appears seated on horse-back who sends the robber packing, aided in this sacred task by heavenly angels.

The figure watching from the pontifical chair, sporting a beard and a red headdress, was supposed to be Pope Julius II, commissioner of the work, and celebrator of the painting's sub-theme of papal authority. Since Julius died during the creation of the work, Leo X seized the opportunity to be included in the work. According to some sources Raphael has portrayed himself and a friend as the bearers of the sedan.

The fresco is located on a wall in the apostolic palace. The room is now known as Heliodorus' Room, Stanza di Eliodoro.

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