The Sermon on the Mount

illumination (18 × 12 cm) — 1294 Museum Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris

This work is linked to Luke 6:20

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Illumination by an anonymous artist. Jesus sits on top of a mountain, surrounded by his twelve disciples, all with a book in their hands. Below them other faithful people listen to the Sermon on the Mount. Among them is a woman in a golden gown.

The work is clearly made in a Gothic manner, given all the pinnacles on the construction in the background.

It is part of an illuminated manuscript known as La Somme le Roi, written by a certain Frère Laurent (or Lorens), from Orléans. The title translates to "A Survey for a King"; the book is a guide to virtue. In French alone there are over a hundred manuscripts with the text of the guide.

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